Businesses in north Macon are keeping more of a watchful eye after a string of thefts. They say it was all done by the same woman.

It was business as usual at a north Macon store on April 10th, or so the employees thought. Around 3 p.m. that day, they say business started to pick up. After that is when the General Manager noticed something missing.

"Well, I didn't notice anything at first. I just saw her walk out and I noticed I had a few text messages on my phone. They were security alerts from some cards of mine,” says Run Fit Sports General Manager Crissy Hendrix.

She says her purse was gone, so Hendrix went back to watch the surveillance video.

"There she goes entering the curtain and walks right into the office like she knew where it was at and took my wallet and walks right out. She was only in here for two minutes,” says Hendrix as she looks at the store’s surveillance video.

She says nothing like that had happened at their store before.

“I have not had anything like that happen here before. She did go to pretty much every little shop in the shopping center before she came here. When we asked around, they were like, 'Yeah, she was in here.' They even described what she was wearing and what she looked like, so she just happened to get lucky in here, I guess,” says Hendrix.

Not long after that just down the street, a store employee at Chichester's Antique and Gift Shop says she caught the same woman stealing.

"Well, I recognized her from the video that Run Fit Sports had put on Facebook. I had just happened to be watching her in one of our mirrors,” says Chichester’s employee Julie Sowell.

She says that is when she caught her taking a stack of children's clothes estimated at about $50 apiece.

"She had about this many clothes and stuffed them down in her pants,” says Sowell.

She says she confronted the woman in the parking lot and forced her to return the clothes. Many other stores in the area say she tried the same thing at their store. For now, they are keeping up her picture until she is caught.

If you have seen the woman you are asked to call CrimeStoppers at 1-877-68Crime.