Amy Dean is the co-owner of The Butcher Shop in Warner Robins and a big Dawgs fan.

She was crushed that they didn't win the title Monday night, but it wasn't a total loss for her business, thanks to its most famous product.

Walk into The Butcher Shop near Lake Joy Road and you've got a lot of options.

From jerky, to sausage, to burgers, they've got it all.

"You know, food brings people together," says Amy Dean. "You go to a party, people are gonna be like, 'What are you gonna bring to eat?'"

But there's one item on the menu that stands out in taste: the Fromm Burger.

Dean says it's "just that good."

It's wildly popular.

"(Customers) stopped on their way up to Atlanta or they stopped on their way back down to Florida, anybody that was traveling I-75 was curious enough to stop in and check us out," says Dean.

Butcher Jonathan Edmonson says that popularity boosted sales.

"We sold at least a thousand this past weekend, we were just crankin' 'em out," says Edmonson.

According to Dean, revenue is up a lot since they rolled out the tailgate favorite.

"At least 10 percent, for sure. December was our best month ever to date. 2017 was our best year to date," says the shop owner.

The burger's fame brought new customers to the store and generated an added $10,000 - $15,000 in revenue in December alone.

Customer Eleanor Cane is thankful for the food and for the hometown hero who inspired it.

"As a University of Georgia alumni, I'm so very proud of all the focus he's brought to our area," says Cane.

Dean would be happy to hear that. For her, it's about more than just burgers.

"We're all local people here in Warner Robins," she says. "We want to support our local guys, that was the whole reason for creating the Fromm Burger, a big thank you to him."

Dean says Jake has tried one of those famous burgers and he loved it.

And so have lots of others. Since they've been available, Dean says her store has sold close to 5,000 patties.

If you haven't tried one yet, don't worry. They're now a permanent fixture on the menu.