The Butts County Sheriff's Office is looking for a Macon man they say was involved in a robbery and homicide on Monday.

Just before 8:30 p.m., police say four people robbed a home on Mulberry Street in Jackson.

One of the suspects, Kaitlin Hulsey, knew the owner of the home and made contact with them before three other suspects went into the home and pulled out guns -- Sharrod Ross, an unidentified man, and a juvenile.

Ross and the unidentified man tied up the victim and duct taped his mouth while the juvenile and Hulsey robbed the victim's roommate.

At that time, the victim freed himself and got out of the room, but Ross and the unidentified man fired several shots at him and killed him.

Hulsey, Ross and the juvenile were arrested and are charged with felony murder, armed robbery and false imprisonment.

Police are on the lookout for the unidentified man who they say is from Macon and goes by the street names of Low or DG.

Anyone with information on this can contact the Butts County Sheriff's Office at 770-775-8216.