Wake up and smell the bacon holds a new meaning for one Byron couple after two new guests stopped by.

Mike Scott gives us the details of Thursday morning.

"I was going to the shop to cut grass. and we have nine hens in the little area right here and when I glanced over towards them, I see this donkeys face looking back at me, so we actually went to the fence to look at the donkey and the big pig comes walking out from under the tree, and, let me tell ya, they're like puppies."

They act like siblings. The donkey can be a real pain in the.. well... you get the idea.

The donkey nudges the pig, but also never leaves its side. Just as true family does, the two are stuck together like glue as they venture on their journey from home.

Scott says the two have been nothing short of pleasant house guests, and is meeting with their owner this evening.

The owner called 13 WMAZ when she saw a picture of her animals on our website.