The jury trial for Christopher Calmer continued Tuesday and the state called volunteer first responder Malcom Walthall to testify.

He was the first person on the scene during the shootout between Calmer and deputies Michael Norris and Deputy Jeff Wilson.

The two deputies were responding to a call of a suicidal person at Calmer's house. When they arrived, the state says Calmer started shooting at Norris and Wilson.

"I couldn't believe this was happening," Walthall said.

When he arrived on the scene, he saw the shootout as it took place.

As he approached, he saw that Wilson had been struck by bullets and was bleeding from his leg. He didn't see initially see Norris, but he saw Calmer handcuffed on the ground.

When he walked into the house, he found Norris in the doorway lying at a 45-degree angle.

"I believe it was about 15 minutes from the time shots were fired and we left for the hospital," Walthall said.

The state also called Calmer's mother to the stand next.

She described the days that led up to the shooting in September 2014.

Cheryl Calmer said that Christopher pulled out his father’s handgun and threatened to kill himself, but she said she was able to talk him down and he apologized to her.

She then said the day before the fatal shooting, he told her his plan to lure police to their home.

"Tom might get concerned, so he would call police," Calmer's mother Cheryl Calmer said while on the stand.

She said her son wanted cops to see him with a gun so they would shoot him.

"He came back to the porch and said ‘I love you mom. I shot one of them and I need to go back,’" Calmer's mother said.

After the lunch recess, the state called Monroe County paramedic and EMA director Matt Perry.

He was the paramedic called to Calmer's house for the suicidal person call.

On his way, he found out two officers were down. When he got to the scene, Calmer was down and Wilson was in a pool of blood.

When he checked Calmer, he said "just let me die."

He then moved on to check on Deputy Michael Norris.

"I originally assessed him as dead," Perry said. "His mouth was full of vomit and brain matter, I pushed on his chest and he took a couple breathes."

Perry didn't originally think he would make it.

Perry went back outside to work on Wilson and get him loaded up..

Walthall went to be with Norris and found he still had a pulse.

"I couldn't save him, but I wasn't going to leave him there," Perry said.

They loaded both Norris and Wilson in the same ambulance and headed the Medical Center in Macon.

"I was trying to keep Michael breathing, he was losing a lot of blood from the injury to his head," Perry said. "You can't pack a head wound, I just wrapped it to slow it down."

The trauma team met the ambulance at the ramp and Norris went in first.

Bennett was at the hospital when they arrived.

"I told him his son was going to die," Perry said.

The state then called another paramedic -- Christy Bryant -- to the stand. She was the second paramedic dispatched to the scene.

When she got to the house, she found Calmer with no severe bleeding from his gunshot wound to the leg.

She began to question him, and his response was "I just want to die, let me die.”

She said they had been to the house before to pick up Calmer's father when he had fallen out of his bed several times.

The state then called GBI agent and crime scene specialist Brian Hargrove to testify.

He discussed the photos he took at the Calmer's house after the shooting. He also was the one who collected the evidence from the house, including the gun Calmer allegedly used during the shooting.