Monday afternoon, a single-car wreck in Monroe County lead to a SWAT team standoff.

Cheyann Allen was driving home from school on Highway 87 when she passed a silver Volkswagen bug that had crashed into a street sign.

She turned onto Christian Road and pulled into her driveway. She says her family usually leaves the front door unlocked, but when she tried to get inside the door was locked and she knew something was wrong.

Moments later, two Monroe County deputies pulled up.

"When I was walking around the house two sheriff cars were riding by and they told me if I had seen a man with a backpack and a gun that I should call the sheriff’s office," says Allen.

Sergeant Lawson Bittick with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office says that man was later identified at 17-year-old Quinn Harrison.

According to Bittick, Harrison was the person who crashed his car into the street sign on highway 87.

A passerby called 911 to report the wreck, and told dispatch Harrison had run into the woods with a bag and a rifle.

Monroe deputies thought he may have barricaded himself inside Allen's home on Christian Road, which was just up the street from the scene of the crash.

Bittick says deputies surrounded the perimeter of the house and tried to make contact with Harrison.

They called in the Bibb County SWAT team for back up since Harrison had been reported as armed.

For about an hour and a half Bittick says they tried to make negotiations. Then deputies received information that Harrison had been spotted walking down the road near where the car crash took place.

Deputies located Harrison and took him into custody. He was then transported to Navicent health.

Bittick says it appears that Harrison was suicidal and had been reported missing out of Warner Robins earlier Monday afternoon.

Deputies and investigators searched the inside of Allen's home to determine if Harrison had actually entered the building, but they haven't reached a conclusion.

Bittick says Harrison may have exited out of the back door of the home before the SWAT team arrived.