The Red Dog store in Monroe County is known for supplying first responders their gear.

The owners joke their Brittany was the second most popular dog in the state behind the University of Georgia's UGA.

Here is how a 40-pound Brittany made such a difference.

Wiley and Diane Crosby have owned and run the Red Dog store for 17 years.

"There were seven or eight puppies and most of them came right up to me, but Carlee climbed up in Diane's lap, and I realized we were going to get her then," Wiley recalled with a chuckle.

The puppy grew into a beloved four-legged beloved member of the staff.

"People would come and visit specifically with her and they'd walk right past the front desk and come find her, Diane said. "People from all over different parts of the country would stop by, cover with parking lot cars."

Carlee passed away this week from a brain tumor.

"Even they were realizing she was on her last legs or last time, some people would just get down on the ground and hug her," she said about her customers. "And these are guys that run Sheriff's departments or whatever and they would just get right down on the floor with her."

The memories will live on.

"Everyone gets free Carlee hair," Diane said.

Diane added Carlee loved to run the parking lot, never leaving the boundaries of the green grass beyond the concrete, so it's fitting her final resting place is right behind the store.

"All the staff members who were here helped out," Diane said. "We all put a little bit of dirt in there. What we want everyone to do is just bring a rock from any part of the state and just put it here. We think that will be a neat tribute because she was known by people all over the state. Look, a flower's popped up."

The Crosbys don't have any immediate plans to find a replacement, just soaking in the knowledge that their pet made a difference while here on earth.

"She was special to a lot of people, we will keep those memories," Wiley said.