The Brits were in Central Georgia on Saturday…or their cars were at least.

The British Auto Owners Group hosted a car show that brought in British cars from all over the state to participate in the event.

The show was at the Houston County Galleria across from the British Pantry in Centerville.

President of the group, Ronnie Babbitt, says this event is about more than just showing off fancy cars.

"This is a British car show that we've put together in honor of one of our group members. He was a local pharmacist; his name was Barry Bilbrow. The idea of cancer is close and dear to my heart because I'm a cancer survivor as well,” said Babbitt, “in our club we have a couple of other members here that are currently going through cancer treatments right now, so because of that we wanted to do a different kind of car show, one that had a focus and one that had a meaning."

Radiology Association and Central Georgia Cancer Care were also there as partners in hosting the event