Centerville Police still need the public's help identifying two men they say took packages from a Centerville home earlier this month in the middle of the afternoon.

On August 2nd, Larry Wilson received an alert from his front door security camera on Gemstone Court that UPS had dropped off two packages.

Just nine minutes later, he got a second alert that showed him two men running to the front door and then taking off with his packages.

“It was kind of disbelief, I mean you know, we didn't think anything like that would happen in Centerville, or around here. We were kind of just taken aback,” Wilson said in his front yard on Wednesday.

Centerville Police need help identifying the two men in the video. One has identifying tattoos on his arms and legs.

They're also asking for anyone who lives near Gemstone Court to file a report if you've had packages or mail stolen in the past few days or week. Police are not sure if the duo took packages from any other homes on the route.

Chief Chuck Hadden describes the first time he saw the video.

“Honestly, I was angry because one, this happened in my city. And two, that could be anybody's neighbor, that could be my house,” Hadden said in his office.

Hadden says there are steps you can take to try and keep this from happening to you.

“Maybe have them leave it at the back door, put a note on your front door. What I would suggest is have it delivered to your work, business, or a P-O box. U-P-S stores have boxes inside of them that they can deliver your package to and you can go pick it up at your leisure that way it's not sitting at your front door,” He said.

Or you can request to have a signature required at delivery and Hadden says you should always inform delivery companies when you're going out of town.

Because, it doesn't take long for someone to take what's yours.

“Just nine minutes later someone had come up and stolen our packages,” Wilson said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Centerville Police at (478) 953-4222.

Hadden says the two would likely face charges for misdemeanor theft by taking and criminal trespass.