The musical Annie will take the stage in Perry in just a few days.

Junior Journalist Ava Trussell traveled to the Perry Players Community Theatre to introduce you to two characters whose relationship extends beyond the stage.

On Thursday, a real life father-daughter duo will take the stage together as Daddy Warbucks and Annie.

But that wasn’t always the plan…

“So my dad wanted to try out and it was really late, it was like the last tryouts,” said Abbie Carr.

With a little convincing, she sent in her audition and landed the lead role.

However, that doesn’t mean she’s strolling down easy street.

“You have to learn a lot of lines, you have to do a lot of dances and sing a lot, so it’s just a lot to remember,” said Carr.

Playing Oliver Warbucks on stage is her father, Justin Carr.

“This was a good experience and I’m glad we got to share it together,” said Justin.

An experience that makes him proud, not only as a dad, but as an actor too.

“She’s been on stage for a while and she’s seen me do it. I’m glad she took it on, to be able to see her start at an earlier age and see her grow,” said Justin.

Although not on the same stage, the two have been performing for years here in Central Georgia where Carr says talent is a diamond in the rough.

“There’s so much untapped talent in this area, it amazes me how I come to a show and see all of the talented people that show up. It’s amazing,” said Justin.

You heard it from the man himself, the next Broadway stars might be in your neighborhood and it could be this dynamic duo.

The show opens Thursday at 7 p.m. and runs through December 17.

To purchase tickets, you can head to