Chester Waller is one of a waning number of World War II veterans.

His career spanned through 30 years and three different wars.

"I got a uniform I'm going to be buried in," he said while unzipping his Marine dress outfit. "This is a World War II ribbon, and Japan, I was in Japan three times. Good conduct, Korea, Vietnam."

Chester retired from the military, raised his own family, and eventually got to enjoy time with his grandkids.

He didn't hold back when it came to sharing memories, good and bad, from the battlefields.

His grandson Tyler absorbed every word, and the teenager, who wants a future in music, figured he could chronicle some of those tales and that passion for country.

"I grew up and he'd always take me fishing and tell me stories about when he was in the Marines, and I've always been very proud of it," Tyler said.

So proud that he spent hours in the pool house, which is now a studio, complete with drums and guitars, wrestling with lyrics.

"It seems the best songs come to you in 10 minutes, but this one took a little while a couple of months," Tyler said.

Time well spent because he came out with a moving song called, "Under the Flag."

"He always gave it his all, no matter what the price, and now a picture hangs on the wall with grandma's picture by its side," Tyler belted out.

"You live your life under the flag, you fight for your country under the flag, and you die under the flag, and far as military people are buried literally with the flag over their casket, so I wanted to paint that picture in a song," Tyler explained.

Chester's heard the song a good bit now, but it still brings a lot of emotion for both generations, sixty years apart.

"Well, we went in there and I played it for him for the first time, and I had Mama video it and I looked over there and saw him crying and I couldn't handle it," Tyler said.

"Well, there are so many teenagers these days that don't pay attention to their grandparents, you know, but he does and his brother does, and I'm proud of it," Chester said.