This may be UGA's second trip to the Rose Bowl, but many others have gotten the chance to play in 'The Granddaddy of Them All,' including someone very close to WMAZ Anchor Lori Johnson's heart.

Her husband, Douglas Burrell, reminisces on his experience playing in the Rose Bowl in 1986.

Before becoming an attorney, Douglas Burrell was a linebacker for the Iowa Hawkeyes that played in the 1986 Rose Bowl with UCLA.

Years later, Burrell returned to Pasadena to watch his brother play for Northwestern in the 90s.

Prior to the College Football Playoffs, the Rose Bowl was typically a Big Ten and Pac-12 tradition.

Burrell says he's glad other college teams are gaining the experience because of the new system.

“It was the very first bowl game that occurred in this country and [has] a history of great games, great teams and great players playing, so you always want to be there and touch that history,” said Burrell. “[It's] very moving and very special and then of course your team plays. Take time, smell the roses, [and] look around because you may never get that way again.”

Sadly, in that 1986 Rose Bowl, the UCLA Bruins beat the Iowa Hawkeyes, 45-28.