Georgia did not make it to the championship game in the Little League World Series, but a Peach State man did win big, and Friday afternoon, he touched down in Williamsport.

Here is how a photo Daniel Underwood shot earned him a trip of a lifetime.

"Baseball's been real important to my family since I was a little kid," Daniel said with a grin. "My mom had to fight with my dad to take me and get me into Little League."

Good thing his mom won that argument. Daniel had a lifelong passion for the Boys of Summer.

These days, instead of a bat and ball, Underwood's armed with a camera on the sidelines.

"I love street photography and sports," he said.

When it comes to sports, his two grandkids playing ball fill the lenses.

Then one day, he came upon the shot of a lifetime. It happened at Vine Ingle Little League.

"It was my grandson's Roman's championship game, he was on the White Sox," Daniel explained.

Josiah Harris played the hero that afternoon and Underwood captured the emotion.

"Josiah came up and he had a couple of people on. I was standing behind first base so I got the whole swing, but as he was coming up and I saw the celebration through the viewfinder, I just tried to crank down on it and get his emotion," he said. "Just to get that candid moment when he's in bliss, you know, not really aware of himself."

Canon held a national contest. Daniel entered.

"They had, stepping up to the plate, 'fandemonium' and team spirit, and I was, naturally, most interested in stepping up to the plate," Daniel recalled.

Daniel won in his favorite category.

"I won a camera -- a T7i," he said.

And airfare for him and a guest to fly to Williamsport and take in the finals to the Little League World Series.

"International championship and the US Championship game," Daniel explained.

The family climbed on a plane Friday. Daniel chipped in some money and took both of the grandkids.

It's surreal for a guy who began clicking the camera just four years ago and now has some national cred under his belt.

"Excited to see North Carolina play," Daniel projected.

But for this weekend, he'll sit in the stands, take in the games and bask in the baseball good fortune that's come his way.