Some central Georgia retailers and soft drink distributors have been showing the South's affinity for all things patriotic and Christian.

The stores are likely hoping that that love of God and country translates to soft drink sales.

The latest example is the Coca-Cola display at Walmart in Eastman. A photo, shared with 13WMAZ by Alyssa Hudson Wood, shows the soda display with a flag made of soda cartons with a green saluting soldier made from cartons of Sprite.

A patriotic Coca-Cola display at Walmart in Eastman solutes our troops.

During the Easter season, 13WMAZ viewers shared Coke displays from some stores with the cartons of soda formed into three crosses.

One display at Fred's in Baxley had the crosses made from cartons of Mr. Pibb. The other was from Food Depot in Dublin.

What will they think of next?