Educators from across central Georgia gathered to celebrate STEM education Saturday at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins.

Workshops were held to expand ideas on how to incorporate STEM in the classroom and make it fun for students.

Teachers did hands-on activities, like putting together robots, and split into groups to teach each other new ways to bring STEM to life.

Dr. June Scobee Rodgers spoke at the event about her new nationwide project the "Challenger Center," inspired by Christa McAullife – a teacher who passed away in the Challenger Space Mission tragedy.

“I gathered all the other families together to say can we continue the teacher's mission,” said Rodgers. “So we've created a space simulator and mission control, and they launch these students, they come on their own mission. They go to the Moon, they go to Mars, they rendezvous with a comet…they spend a day in an opportunity to learn about the application that they're learning in school, science and technology, and then the careers of science and technology.”