After nearly 3 years, 16 trips back and forth to Honduras, and a lot of faith and paperwork, a Central Georgia family is getting their wish granted -- to adopt a boy from Honduras. It has been a long journey to adopt a boy they say is already a part of their family.

In just a few days, there will be an addition to the Slade family, one that has been months in the making.

"Until the third day of our trip down there, we met this little boy that had come in with a botfly that had bitten him on the top of his head,” says Lance Slade.

The family says they were on a mission trip to Honduras running a clinic when a little boy came in and stole their heart. Toni Slade says it was love at first site.

"What impressed me so much about this little boy was how brave he was and how strong he was. But it was this motherly thing that over took me,” explains Toni Slade.

But the process to adopt, the now 15-year-old boy they named Henson, has not been easy.

"So we're thinking we're rounding third. We're coming home with him in weeks at that point. Then we found out one that he was not abandoned. That had not been done in the court system at all. But he had a brother that none of us knew about and we were told he had power of attorney,” recalls Lance Slade.

But they say even after months of overcoming those adoption hurdles, piles of paperwork, flying back and forth to Honduras and getting the approval of Henson's brother it has all been worth it because he will finally be coming home soon.

"I love these. He'll be wearing these U.S.A hats home,” says Toni Slade.

She already has Henson’s room set up in their home and his bed turned down in preparation for his arrival home. Even the family’s bags are packed and ready to get their new family member.

"There was an undeniable love in my heart. I love him as if I birthed him,” says Toni Slade.

It is an undeniable love that even a 32-month wait and thousands of miles apart could not put out. The Slade family is leaving for Honduras on Friday. They will have an interview with the embassy on Monday and Henson is expected to be home by Tuesday.