The Slade family, now a family of four, is coming home Tuesday night from Honduras with Henson.

After nearly three years of trying to adopt him, their wish has come true, but it hasn't been an easy ride.

Over the last three years, the family has taken 16 trips back and forth to Honduras and filled out piles of paperwork to legally make Henson a part of their family, but they say ever since they met him years ago on a mission trip to Honduras, he's captured their hearts and held a spot in their family.

Lance Slade was running a clinic in Honduras at an orphanage helping children.

The boy who they named "Henson" came in with a botfly bite on the top of his head. Lance Slade removed it for him, and that is when Toni Slade says they fell in love with the boy's bravery and strength.

They met Henson when he was 12-years-old and started the adoption process not long after. He is now 15-years-old.

Toni Slade has already prepared Henson's room, turned down his bed and had his bags packed days before the trip.

She says although he was not physically a part of their home yet, he is already emotionally a part of their family.

The Slade family took what they hoped would be their last trip to Honduras Friday to pick up Henson.

After an interview with the embassy in Honduras on Monday, they assured the family that Henson's visa had been approved.

Two hours later, they suggested that the family cancel their plane tickets back to the United States.

Toni Slade says turns out the Visa Processing Center in Kentucky was having trouble with their computers -- a technical issue they say hardly ever happens, but the family's case was then placed on a priority list.

The Slade family stood by and waited, confident that they would not cancel their flight and that Henson would be coming home with them finally on Tuesday...they were right.

Tuesday morning, they found out that Henson's visa was approved despite the technical issues.

They boarded the flight to the United States for the first time with Henson in tow. They landed in Atlanta at 6:45 p.m. with their family of four finally complete.