24 hours after allegedly using profanity to describe several Caribbean and African countries, President Donald Trump hosted a Houston County woman and others in the White house.

Vivian Childs went to D.C. to witness President Trump signing the proclamation to make January 15th the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday.

Childs stood alongside King’s nephew, Vice President Mike Pence, and Ben Carson for the ceremony. She said it was an honor to be there.

“That is era when much of that was going on in the '60s, from the sit-ins to the marches, I was a part of that era, so I thought it was awesome to be invited to participate in that signing today,” Childs said.

She says even after the alleged remarks; she still stands by the president.

“Absolutely, I do not regret one day of asking people to vote for the president,” Childs said. “I know what he's seeking for our community, and when it happens were all going to go wow thank you Lord.”

She says she prefers to look the things at President Trump is doing for African Americans, not necessarily his language.

“He’s had three bills that have to do with black America, even on Monday, he was on the plane with Dr. Alveda King and her nephew and signed a bill,” Childs said. “Those are the kinds of things I think are positive. I prefer to look at those things because those are the things that will carry us far.”

After the ceremony Childs even had the chance to go on a special tour with Vice President Pence.

“As we were leaving, took my arm and escorted me personally down those flight of stairs. That’s huge, that’s what we’re working with, that’s our administration,” Childs said.