Madison Cavalchire bundled up to find out how folks are handling the cold weather this week.

Some Central Georgians are freaking out over the freeze.

"You're warm one week, the next week you're cold," said Houston Hardware employee, Calvin Jones. "It's supposed to be fishing weather. The sun's supposed to be shining, but right now, it's cold."

For those of you, like Jones, who work outside, the chill burns a little more.

"These plants have to go inside, it's too cold for this!" Jones said.

Most of the guys at Houston Hardware aren't happy with this lack of heat, but Erik Miller says if you're bundled up, it's not that bad.

"We're not like negative wind chill factor like Chicago, and we don't have four inches of snow from yesterday like Tennessee does," Miller said.

And even those who work inside say this cold March weather is confusing.

"So it's cold outside, but yet we have spring clothes, and I'm dressed in cold weather clothing," said Glam Avenue owner, Neisha Ward.

Ward says the clothes in her Bonaire Boutique have been set for spring since Christmas.

"Customers come in, they're ready to go on their cruises, they're ready to go on vacations, they don't want to buy winter clothes, they're ready for Spring," Ward said.

Wherever you're baring the temps on this Tuesday, find ways to face the freeze, until it warms up on Friday.