When Dawn Morgan heard about all of the families displaced in Texas from Hurricane Harvey, she knew she wanted to help.

“I thought we could make some cookies from Houston County to Houston, Texas,” she says. Morgan is an avid baker and thought sharing her talents would be a sweet gesture that could make a big impact.

“Cookies are something that can put a quick smile on a face, make them forget, even just for a moment, that they have issues,” Morgan said.

So she reached out to other bakers on social media and soon pledges of cookie donations started flooding in.

“So far we have about 18 bakers in the community and surrounding communities that are going to be making cookies. I’m estimating about 1,000 cookies,” Morgan said.

For those who can’t bake, Morgan says they can help bag up the cookies or donate supplies. She says anyone who does want to bake can pick up a free Texas-shaped cookie cutter to use.

Morgan will be giving all of the cookies to a friend traveling to Houston on a mission trip at the end of September.

“They’re going to know that people out there really do care about them and there are better times ahead,” she says.