With so many people here in Central Georgia a part of the military, have you ever wondered what happens to people's pets when they deploy?

Most of the dogs at the Macon-Bibb Animal Welfare Center were found in the streets or surrendered, but Savannah's story is a little bit different. She has a home and an owner who is in the military.

"He was crying he was so sad. He didn't have any family here. Didn't have anybody to take care of her while he was gone for a year,” says Tracey Belew with Macon-Bibb Animal Welfare.

But the owner found out he was getting deployed to Africa for a year and could not bring his furry friend, so he was forced to leave Savannah at the center.

Many people around the nation and in Central Georgia are helping out with sites like Dogs on Deployment. Patty Aickelin has lots of family members in the military.

"I have a retired Marine, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard. I basically have them all in,” says Aickelin.

She has had pets and is signed up to be a boarder on the site Dogs on Deployment. Aickelin says she knows it would mean a lot to those having to go away.

"Knowing how much pets mean to people and the fact that they don't have any other options other than taking it to a shelter, to have Dogs on Deployment and have someone foster it until you get home would make the military person feel a little more peace of mind about their lost pet,” explains Aickelin.

The Animal Welfare Center says looking after our soldiers' pets while they are away is the least that we can do.

"They're going over there and they're serving our country, and to be able to come back and get their animals back, I can't imagine how much that would mean to them,” says Belew.

It is a way to honor our men and women in uniform as they sacrifice it all and the best welcome home gift they could have.

If you are looking to house a dog like Savannah, you can contact the Macon-Bibb Animal Welfare Center.