We've already seen generous folks stepping up to the plate to help out evacuees.

Twelve months ago, Caleb Newberry and the people at Encounter church made room for Hurricane Matthew evacuees.

He says he saw bumper to bumper traffic on the interstate and he and his congregation jumped into action.

"Honestly I had a three year old and I thought what if that was me stuck in traffic with a three year old in the backseat, he recalled. We had volunteers on 75 with signs saying hey you can come here we've got shelter."

Now the shelter is gearing up again. Last year, they had 175 people this year they expect more.

"Once we heard what was happening with Florida and the eastern coast of Georgia heres round two, we've got a little experience this time, so let's do it bigger and better than last time lets help as as many people as we can," he said.

Over at Harvest Church, Pastor Jim Cowart says they've appealed to their congregation to take folks into their homes.

They're working with a Methodist church in Savannah.

"That's where we started people that have been background checked with our people and then we asked their church to do the same thing because we want to consider the safety especially of the children, he said.

Down a dirt road in Twiggs county, sits a haven for anyone driving a camper or willing to pitch a tent.

Wayne Garrett is an Army veteran.

"Well they can park on the roads if they have to," Wayne exclaimed.

It may not come to that because Garrett has 12 miles of roads and won't charge evacuees a dime.

"I realize how it is if you're stranded and you're going to a strange place," he said sympathetically.

Evacuees can reach Wayne Garrett at (478) 390-3094.