Forsyth is getting a makeover.

In 2016, Forsyth was awarded an $8,000 Vibrant Communities Grant for a downtown mural, and it's getting started this week.

Andrew Patrick Henry was selected as the artist to make this masterpiece come alive, and says the mural will be so much more than a work of art.

"I think murals add character. The character's there the mural just displays it," Andrew Patrick Henry says.

Henry says it can also bring the community together. He says even if someone doesn't give their verbal approval, he can tell it leaves a positive impact.

"Most people, when they see murals, don't say anything. It just brightens their day. They think it looks cool and they go on about their business,'" Henry says.

He makes sure he talks to as many people as possible to draw inspiration.

"I'd say definitely every time you go to a town, you talk to the people and try to get a vibe. You know, get a feeling about what's important to them and what they want portrayed. I try to tell their story with pictures, and for some reason, people just love trains," Henry says.

Bonnie Baker, chairman for Forsyth's Convention and Visitors Bureau, says the train represents the city's history and culture.

"So we are really excited to not only honor our history, but also give people something beautiful to look at," Baker says.

With Henry hard at work, the change isn't going to stop there.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau says that they hope to fill blank walls around Forsyth with beautiful murals, making it Central Georgia's first-ever mural district.

Baker says after seeing Henry's work a lot of businesses have shown interest in their building being a part of this project, turning this artistic dream into a reality.

Henry says he's on track to have the mural finished by Friday.