Usually on a Saturday morning, most people don't spend their time lifting cars, but that's exactly what competitors lined up to do at this year's 8th Annual Georgia Strongest Man competition.

Rain didn't dampen the spirits of the dozens of people who competed for the title of Georgia's strongest man, but don't let the title fool you -- 16 of them were women.

"It's just real empowering when people are like 'A woman did that,'" says heavy weight novice, Hunter Williamson.

Williamson has been competing two years and is pretty new to the sport, but you wouldn't know watching her Saturday.

Her competitive edge pushes her to win, but she says at the end of the day, " It's just fun, you can go back and say I lifted a car or I pushed a car or I dead lifted so much."

Deadlifting a car for 12 reps. Williamson says that is the event she looks forward to the most.

The competition has five events in total, which include: carrying medley, tire flips, atlas stones, and the log press.

Clay West has been competing in strongman competitions for the past five years.

He says people commonly mistake bodybuilding for the strongman competitions.

"There's nothing wrong with that. Bodybuilding is great, but it's very different from what we do. Bodybuilding is a lot of aesthetics and posing where we're using more functional strength," said West.

West says his goal is to finish in the top three, allowing him to qualify for nationals.

He's pumped up to see where his passion takes him.

Anyone who is interested in signing up next year better start working out, because Georgia's Strongest Man Competition has been chosen to be an international qualifier for the Arnold Series.

The winner of the 2018 competition will be sent to the Arnold in South Africa.