Every fall, high school seniors start looking ahead to life after graduation.

For many, that includes studying for college readiness exams like the ACT or SAT.

Graduation is months away, but one Central High School senior has mastered the ACT.

This year, Tobias Kopp is the only student in Bibb County to earn a perfect score of 36.

What may sound complicated to some comes quite naturally for Central High School senior Tobias Kopp.

“Well, he's phenomenal in math. He might not tell you that, but he is,” said Shannon McBriar, teacher at Central High School.

“It's very interesting to me how everything can be broken down into a set of laws and it can be applied to everywhere in the world,” said senior IB student Tobias Kopp.

From calculus to statistics, he's studied it all, but in June, something wasn't adding up on his first ACT college prep exam in one of his best subjects.

“My math score wasn't very high on the first one I took., so I tried to work on math specifically,” said Kopp.

With the help of online resources and study groups with his peers, Kopp's hard work paid off big time in September with an even bigger score.

“I got a letter in the mail that said, 'You are in the top .1 percentile,' and it was very shocking for me,” said Kopp.

Kopp scored a perfect 36 on the ACT. He's the only student in Bibb County to score that high this year.

He says the challenge made him a better student.

“It's made me push beyond what I thought I could do,” said Kopp.

Now, he's hard at work studying for the next challenging exam, the SAT, proving that hard work can make a difference in math and in life.

“He strives to be the best he can be and he doesn't settle for anything less,” said McBriar.

Kopp says he hopes to study engineering in college.

He hopes to apply to Mercer, UGA, and Georgia Tech in the coming months.