A charter bus crashed into the storage unit of Claudette's Kitchen on Peach Parkway in Byron on Friday. That's according to Peach County Sheriff Terry Deese.

Deese says the bus ran through some fencing when it crashed. Scott Wellman with Claudette's Kitchen says he heard the crash just before daylight. "I heard the bus when it went off the road. I knew something wasn't right," said Wellman.

Wellman lives on the property and when he got up to see what happened, Wellman says the bus was inside of the storage unit. "It tore up stuff we can't replace. I had antiques stored in there. I'm just glad it didn't hit my business."

Claudette's Kitchen was not affected by the crash, and Wellman says the restaurant is still open for business.

Deese says the driver fell asleep at the wheel moments before the wreck. No word on the drivers injuries or if any charges will be filed.