Stacy Campbell was hired to be the Cherry Blossom festival's new Vice President.

She's coming back in a new role with the festival after leaving in 2012.

“She'll bring back experience, and she also just really has a love for the festival and was excited to come back,” festival Board Chair Stacy Ingram said.

Earlier this year, Campbell stepped down from Director of Marketing at the National Fairgrounds in Perry.

Just last month, she started working with the 21st Century Partnership, but she's leaving in two weeks to be with the Cherry Blossom Festival.

“We know what Stacy can bring with her years of experience and each of the organizations she worked with had strong leadership and great boards and they enjoyed her working with them,” Ingram said.

The Cherry Blossom board hopes Campbell’s hire will help refresh the festival.

“We also want to have some new ideas that she will be bringing to the festival and creating and will be having something for the millennials and folks of all ages to enjoy,” Ingram said.

We reached out to Campbell for this story, and she sent us the following statement:

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Cherry Blossom Festival organization again. The strong leadership from Founder Carolyn Crayton, the Board of Directors, Chair Stacy Ingram, President and CEO Thomas wicker and the team of staff are a perfect combination for strength and vision to move forward and produce an amazing event in March, which celebrates the festival's 35th anniversary.”

21st Century Partnership executive director Dan Penny said that Campbell's last day with the Partnership will be October 28th

"I've always believed you never stand in the way of our people's opportunity to advance," Penny said in a phone call.