Earlier this year, we reported that Cirrus Academy Charter School came up short last school year when it came to its special needs students.

So as kids prepared for their first day of school, Nicole Butler went to see the new changes that have been made to make this school year better than ever.

The first day of school is usually one for the books.

Kids are full of excitement making new friends and settling into classes, but the teachers at Cirrus Academy say they're just as fired up.

"As a teacher, you're not a teacher at heart if you're not excited about the first day of school. It's a fresh start," Shantell Covington says.

The school has hired a whole new staff of special education teachers including Shantell Covington.

This spring, the state said the new charter school fell short in providing services for their special education students.

Starting its second year, Cirrus says the increased staff has made an impact already.

"I just saw that need that I can reach those students one on one in a more intimate setting so I can kind of help them feel successful in the classroom. That's my ultimate goal," Covington says.

Along with the five special ed teachers, the school says they've hired a parapro, a speech therapy group and an occupational therapist.

Even bringing in lawyers for three hours worth of training for the entire staff.

"So that we are hitting the ground running and no child is left behind everyone is on the ball and getting what they need," Covington says.

Covington says she likes to keep a low profile in the classroom so her students don't feel singled out.

"A lot of times, you know, special needs students are challenged and they don't feel accomplished in the classroom or that the academic setting is for them. It's my job and my goal to make them realize, 'You can do this! This is not too much for you,'" she says.

The school's superintendent, Ashanti Johnson says after going over all of the state laws and looking into each students learning plan they feel their program has a bright future.

"We've met everything that special ed has asked us to do and even more so we are really excited and confident about our program," Johnson says.

Cirrus is also adding a department of creative arts to expand on the A in STEAM, and they're launching new sports teams this fall.

The school will be partnering with Bibb County's Parks and Rec to kick start this new program.