Every week, the city of Byron public works employees go out and pick up tires left lying on streets around the city. This week, you can take your scrap tires to be discarded for free.

It is not unusual to see tires and tire scraps when you are driving down the road. The City of Byron Public Works Department says they pick up the most along Peavy Road and in rural areas.

"We have a couple of problems with people dumping tires on rural roads, people hanging on to tires that don't want to pay for the tire fee when you go to a shop,” says Justin Grimsley.

That is why the city is collecting scrap tires from residents at no cost. The city was awarded a state grant to cover the cost of collecting and processing up to eight truckloads of tires.

"The tires usually go for mulch, fuel, and plants, and everything that sometimes run off of tires, so they ground them up,” explains Grimsley.

But once the free event is over, the Byron Tire Pros store says you can take them to a shop for pretty cheap.

"These are $2 a piece, and as they get larger, like 18 wheelers or tractor tires, it wouldn't be any more than $10 to get rid of even a large product,” says the owner of the shop Chris Odges.

He says it is better to have the tires get reused then lying around the city.

"They hold water and they're not serving any purpose other than to be disposed of, to be recycled and be put into service in some other way,” says Hodges.

It is the gift they say that just keeps giving. Byron residents can take their scrap tires to the Public Works Yard until Friday. They are accepting them from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.