Many areas across Central Georgia have lots of damage from yesterday's storms. One of the areas hit the hardest was Danville, a small town in Twiggs County with a population size of about 250 people.

Danville Fire Chief Tracy Jackson says as of 12 p.m. on Tuesday, there's still several down trees in the area. Also, several people on Highway 96 are still without power. Right now, folks are cleaning up and preparing for a second round of storms.

Denise Goodman says she and her family of five were inside when they heard strong winds sweeping through their neighborhood.  “My husband heard a train sound then we heard a tree crack and it fell on the house,” said Goodman. “Our safety plan was to get into the middle hallway away from all the windows and just hunker down.”

And when they went outside to check the damage, trees were scattered across their front yard, and their roof. “You couldn't even walk back here it was completely covered,” said Goodman. “It’s been miraculous that nobody got hurt.”

Danville Fire Chief Tracy Jackson says he was helping crews clear the roads when he got a call from his wife. “We had trees down everywhere,” said Jackson. “My wife said they heard a humming and it was over and done with in a about five minutes.”

A big pine tree fell and smashed Chief Jackson’s shed. “We lost some property and we have some damage but nobody got hurt, nobody lost their lives, and I thank God for that,” said Jackson.

The city of Danville still has a lot of cleaning up to do, but before they can even clear their roads completely, they're getting ready for another round of severe storms. “We're trying to get prepared and make sure that everyone know to have bottles of water and bread, flashlights, and candles,” said Goodman. “We just ask everyone to stay safe and take head to the weather reports and get in a safe place,” said Chief Jackson.

Right now, Chief Jackson says he's not sure exactly how much damage is in the area. Crews are out to clear more trees and debris before the next storm hits Wednesday. Chief Jackson says thankfully there have been no reports of deaths or injuries.