Two men were arrested after police said they threatened to kill a man if he didn't give up his black and white Nike slides.

It was on June 18, around 9:30 a.m., when police said Antwon Harper, 31, and Troy Williams, 27, robbed a man then ran to a house on Valley Hill Road.

Officers were called and found Williams in the back of the home. He was arrested. Harper, however, took off running. After jumping over fences, he was caught by police.

"Now we are not quite sure what two grown men were planning to do with one pair of flip flops, but the we helped them out. By arresting them, they each got their very own pair of orangish-colored flip flops at the Clayton County Jail...and they'll even be the right size. See, we are always here to help!" Clayton County Police wrote in an amusing Facebook post.

Antwon Harper was charged with robbery, terroristic threats and violation of probation. Troy Williams was also charged as a robbery- party to a crime, giving a false name and violation of probation.