A bill proposed by a Central Georgia State Representative could soon require video replay in state playoff and championship football games. This all stems from the state championship game Peach County High School played in last month.

Peach County’s quarterback throws the ball, the receiver catches it and appears to score a touchdown, but the referees called the pay an incomplete pass.

“It’s kind of a jacked-up play, but it happens. Referees make bad calls,” Eric Duggan said.

He thought it was the wrong call, and so did many others. At that game and all other high school games, there’s no replay, something Westside coach Spoon Risper knows all too well since they’re told that before each game.

“If you have an issue to talk to the white hat, and they will talk it through or explain what’s going on, but in this instance, that wasn’t done,” Risper said.

With the bill proposed by State Rep. Patty Bentley, playoff games and championship games would be required to have instant video playback. Essentially, the bill makes it illegal for districts to compete in associations that do not have video playback in those games.

“You want the game to be decided by the kids and the coaching,” Risper said. “You don’t want a human error from an official, and everybody makes mistakes, but it would be so good that they could correct those mistakes,”

He admits it might not be feasible for all the playoff games, but would like to see it used in championship games at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, even if it costs some more money.

“If we want to do the right thing, money shouldn't be an issue,” Risper said. “We should just do the right thing for the kids because it’s the right thing to do.”

This bill is just a proposal right now and would need approval in both chambers and governor's signature to become law.

To view the bill, click here.