The people of Cochran are rallying together to help dozens of Hurricane Matthew evacuees. One church group started a shelter and they say the support from the community has been overwhelming.

One evacuee, Jeff Garrett, says he thought his family was not going to find a place to stay.

“We really didn’t know where we were going. We just knew we had to go,” said Garrett.

He says he and his family evacuated Savannah not knowing if they would find a place to stay.

“We called Hillside to see if they had any cottages, but they were full,” said Garrett.

He says after that, he got a call from Ben Rustin at First Baptist Church in Cochran.

“[He] gave me an address, and told me that me and my family were welcome and that was a big relief for me,” said Garrett.

Rustin says he and others from the church saw a need for a shelter for Hurricane Matthew evacuees in Cochran.

“I learned that people were sleeping in their cars,” said Rustin.

Tthey opened a shelter in one of the church's facilities. Once the shelter opened, Rustin says the support from the Cochran community was overwhelming.

“We'll be sending people home with as much as they can carry because that's how much stuff we have,” said Rustin.

John Crowe has been asking for donations on social media, and says even people who are struggling financially are finding ways to give.

“Truth be known, those items could be used at their households. They could be used here, but they felt the need to give,” said Crowe.

Both Crowe and Rustin say this is not the end of Cochran helping out.

“If we are able to help out there in the cleanup process,” said Rustin. A process that Garrett says will be a little easier after the help they have received from Cochran.

“Thank you to the community of Cochran,” said Garrett.

If you are interested in donating, Crowe says to visit their facebook page.