Unless you've been living under a rock, you may have heard or even seen for yourself little painted rocks hidden all around Georgia.

Nicole Butler spoke with a officer who uses these rocks as a stepping stone to bring some joy into the community.

Officer Tracey Hernandez with the Cochran Police Department says when her shift ends, rock painting begins.

She says she sort of stumbled across her new passion.

"I started finding the rocks here on the porch, and they were making me smile even on rough days," Hernandez says.

Wanting to spread that same joy to others, Hernandez says she's become addicted to painting.

"I'm like, 'I need to get some sleep. I got to work tonight,' and I'm like, 'Maybe I can paint a rock or two,' you know? And four, five rocks later, I'm like, 'I really need to get to bed,'" she laughs.

She says her new hobby is beneficial to her family.

"My son saw me doing it one day, he's like, 'Do you mind if I try?'" Hernandez says.

Spending quality time, not just painting, but hiding the rocks, too.

They found hiding spots from the courthouse steps to statues to even in the library.

Looking around town for a rock, when you finally find one, you can pick it up and keep it, but Hernandez says while you're out hunting to leave some for others to make sure they have a brighter day.

Just minutes after hiding my rock, 3-year-old Lexi was walking around and -- you guessed it -- she was rock hunting.

Lexi left no stone or bush unturned.

Showing off her treasures, Hernandez says it's reactions like Lexi's that rock her world!

"Spreading the kindness and hoping that maybe you made somebody smile even just a little bit," she says.

Hernandez says after hiding the rocks, she'll post a hint to where to find them on BC Rocks Georgia's Facebook page.

She encourages more people to leave no stone unturned and hide a rock any time you find one so the joy keeps spreading.