Coliseum Health held its Child Safety Expo Saturday afternoon.

Kids came dressed in in costumes with bags and buckets in hand, ready to trick or treat.

The expo was a chance for children and families to learn safety tips from local officials, all while safely swiping up sweets.

Keilah Jones is a nurse in the pediatric ER and says this event hopefully will be one for the books -- in more ways than one

The hospital attempted to break a Guinness world record for the most s’mores made simultaneously.

“We are trying to break the record for the number of s’mores made at one time. The record’s 423 or 425 something like that. The last record was set by a group of girl scouts in California,” said Jones.

The group was not able to break that record because only 245 people qualified.

But Jones says the pediatric ER is a young addition to Coliseum Health and is thankful for events like this that connect the hospital to the community.