You may have visited Comics Plus in the past, but now they've reopened at their new location on Cherry and Third Street.

You might need superhero strength to take it all in.

Will Peavy says he's owned Comics Plus for fifteen years.

"We are interactive, we try to do a lot just because I want kids and people to have somewhere safe to go in a safe environment and that includes gaming, Legos, and somewhere to just chill out," he said.

Peavy pretty much lays out the welcome mat for everyone. Marcus Thrower says he's stopped in every day since they opened.

"You can look through stuff, you can pick up things, and other stores, they're like, 'Don't touch that, don't do that and don't do this,'" Marcus said. "I honestly think the Pop! doll collection is the coolest of all the cool stuff that I've ever seen."

And here's the thing -- most folks haven't seen everything Peavy has to offer.

"This is the new Magic collection we got in," Peavy explained while looking at a ton of cards. "When people want to sell cards, they can bring in one card or bring in a collection."

Fans have a lot to choose from. Think about it -- pop science fictions stretched across decades.

"We are in a big transition period -- you know, we grew up with Star Wars, Transformers, and GI Joes, and we either have kids, we have collections, or we're trying to add to collections, and we're pushing onto the kids or nerd them, and with that, the kids are getting into it more and more," Peavy said.

Nothing wrong with nerding up. After all, even Spidey and Superman are welcome if they swing through town.

"I'd be more afraid of the ceiling because it couldn't support him," Peavy chuckled.

Comics Plus opens most days at noon.

They plan to have a grand opening some time this summer.

Peavy says they want to wait until all the construction is done across the street on Third.