The vote on the company to construct phase two of the Central City skate park was delayed at Tuesday’s commission meeting, but skaters do not worry.

Mayor Robert Reichert says even though they delayed the vote, the competition skate bowl is still on the way.

Here are the plans California Skateparks Inc., the same company who designed phase one, proposed for phase two.

Reichert says they want to keep the design consistent and use the same company.

He says the county attorney is going to rewrite the resolution, so that there will not be a bidding process for phase two.

“Phase one is designed to go with phase two, so you don't want to bring in someone new because of the damage they may do to the existing portions of it. And then who's going to repair that and do this and you want to make sure it the same. It's seamless,” says Reichert.

The skate park is not the only part of Macon that could be growing.

Bibb commissioners approved spending $3,125 from the 2018 budget to look further into expanding the Middle Georgia Regional Airport runway.

Reichert says this money would go towards an environmental assessment. That assessment would determine if extending the runway 1,500 feet could do any environmental damage.

Reichert says making the runway longer would allow for larger planes to use the airport.

“Even our flights now to Washington D.C. they have the range to go even further but because of the length of the runway a lighter fuel load to get them to the metro Washington area but couldn’t go any farther,” says Reichert.

Reichert says this could also allow companies to make larger shipments out of the airport which could attract more companies to open up in Macon.

Commissioners also approved a grant that will go towards expanding the runway at the downtown airport. Reichert says this would allow for jets to take off and land there.

Other notes from the meeting:

Commissioners approved clearing nine blighted properties on Walnut Street. State Representative James Beverly says he wants to build new homes on the properties in hopes of bringing back the Pleasant Hill neighborhood.

Commissioners denied renewing the alcohol license for Super Gas, also known as M and M.