A video of a west Georgia elementary school teacher has gone viral, with nearly 9 million views in the last two weeks.

It was meant to explain the "area model method" used to solve multiplication problems, which is part of the "Common Core Curriculum" taught in Georgia schools.

The video, posted by Villa Rica Elementary School, was intended to assist parents who want to help their children with their math homework.

You can see a 4th grade teacher explaining the "area model method" to find the answer to a simple multiplication problem. The process takes her over 3 and a half minutes.

Houston County 5th grader Hallie Rolland says she used to enjoy math.

"When I was in public school, I used to love it, and then they started changing it on me," says Rolland.

That's when Hallie's mom, Deborah Huckaby, pulled her out and decided to homeschool her in second grade.

Huckaby says she's helped Hallie learn math the more "traditional" way.

"They ask for all those steps when they've taught them for so long one way, and then they expect the parents to understand and it just blows me away, I don't get it at all, I do not understand it," says Huckaby.

Huckaby says when Hallie was still in school, she would get the right answer without writing down all the extra "common core" steps and it was considered incorrect.

"I just couldn't believe it… I was like, 'She's getting the right answer. It's ultimately the same thing, you just have to go through all these extra steps to get to that,'" says Huckaby.

According to the Common Core website, it's a state-led effort and is not part of any federal initiative.

State adoption of the standards is in no means necessary, but the state of Georgia adopted Common Core in 2010.