Wednesday night, dozens of people from the Macon community came out to remember Larry Daniel Matthews. He was shot and killed by a Bibb County deputy on October 7th.

The Macon chapter of the NAACP hosted a candlelight vigil with neighbors, police officers, politicians, and friends and family to bring peace to the neighborhood.

"He allegedly took some junk, that's what I'll call it, from Family Dollar, even though it's a business and it has a right to do business in our community, but it's not worth a life,” says former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis.

It is a life that neighbor Mattie Tanton said she is glad she got to be a part of. She says Matthews helped her clean up her yard and get her car fixed.

"Just like I said, there's some good in everybody. You know I'd rather be living then to be dead for something as simple as what they say he did,” says Tanton.

Special Agent in charge J.T. Ricketson says Deputy Greg Ussery used several non-lethal forces before shooting Matthews.

"We will get through this as a community. We are here to grieve,” explains Bibb County Sheriff David Davis.

He says it is an incident that changed everybody's lives.

"Mr. Matthews and Deputy Ussery, they had no knowledge or no intentions when they got up Friday morning that they would ever meet and encounter one another on this street. So once they did, lives were changed,” says Sheriff Davis.

And a community changed in a minute's time.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is still investigating this case. Matthew's friends and family say he was a disabled veteran.

State Department of Corrections records say Matthews has served six terms in state prisons since 1982. He was just released in March.