The GBI is investigating the death of Eurie Lee Martin, who died Friday after being tased by Washington County deputies.

According to the Washington County Sheriff Thomas Smith, deputies responded to a call that a man knocked on a door and was acting strangely along Deepstep Road around 7:20 p.m. Friday.

The GBI says there was a fight between Martin and the responding deputies.

Special Agent in Charge Scott Whitley says that within 30 minutes of the call, 58-year-old Martin was tased and died shortly after.

Neighbor Steven Mullaley says that when he pulled into his driveway, he noticed a lot of emergency vehicles.

"We saw an ambulance and three police cars. We thought somebody broke into the house or the house was on fire…or something really strange," said Mullaley.

He moved into his home off Deepstep Road in January and he says he couldn’t imagine this happening.

"It's something very strange. A person passed away in the front yard," said Mullaley.

Mullaley says that he didn't get many details from police, only what he's heard from friends.

"A neighbor next door…she saw when the police showed up in the front yard. She saw that they were doing CPR on him in the front yard, and then the ambulance came, and they transported him into the ambulance," said Mullaley.

He says the whole thing is a little surprising for this community.

"Deepstep is a real small little town. Very quiet. I'm just sorry to see that the man passed," said Mullaley.

Whitley says Martin’s autopsy at the GBI Crime Lab in Decatur is scheduled for Monday morning.

After the GBI completes its investigation, the findings will be turned over to the Middle Judicial Circuit District Attorney.