Some people in Unionville say they're in mourning. In the last four days, three people died in that community within blocks from each other. Unfortunately, people told our Yvonne Thomas that's becoming more common.

Patricia Tarpley said she's lived on Grosso Avenue for the last 20 years and the crime is getting worse. “It's getting... I don't even know how to describe it,” said Patricia Tarpley.

Tarpley said she's never seen anything like this. “It's a pretty good neighborhood, but we've just seen a lot of tragedies here lately.”

Eleanor Troutman lives down the street and said these tragedies are hitting close to home. “It's always close to this section,” said Troutman. “Why? I have no idea.”

Early Thursday morning, Marcus Braswell was shot and killed on Poppy Ave. “It's been so many deaths,” said Tarpley. “Such unruly deaths. There's so many guns on the street.”

This is the third death. The tragedies started on Monday. 68- year-old Ruby Davis died in a house fire on Lilly Street. Her 70-year-old brother Robert Dudley tried to save her life but couldn't. “That was one of my neighbors relatives,” said Tarpley. “That was so sad.”

Two days later, Theordore Reese, a.k.a the Dog Man, was hit by a car and killed. “He walks that area every morning like clockwork,” said Tarpley. “He was always in the street with his dogs,” said Troutman.

With everything that's going on, Eleanor said you have to watch your back. “I try to go in and go out,” said Troutman. “That’s my number one rule: get in before it's dark,” said Troutman.

Coroner Leon Jones says the shooting Thursday is the eighteenth homicide in Bibb County this year.