The manhunt for the fugitives accused of killing the two Georgia Department of Corrections officers ended Thursday, June 15 when police took Ricky Dubose and Donnie Rowe into custody in Bedford County, Tennessee.

This came after investigators say the pair stole several cars, held a man and woman hostage, and led officers on an interstate car chase before surrendering.

On the morning of June 13, law enforcement officers were dispatched to Highway 16 in Putnam County, after Dubose and Rowe allegedly shot and killed two Georgia Department of Corrections officers during a routine bus transport.

"I saw two brutally murdered corrections officers... that's what I saw... I had their blood on my shoes," said Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills at a press conference last week.

The two victims, officers Curtis Billue and Christopher Monica, had both worked for the state Department of Corrections for several years.

Following the shooting, authorities say Dubose and Rowe stole a green Honda Civic from a passing motorist, then ransacked a home in Morgan County.

Overnight they stole another car, a white Ford pickup truck from a business less than 10 miles away.

"They've got to have money or steal things to move on. Obviously they're doing pretty good. They've stolen two vehicles in the last 30 hours," said Sills.

The nationwide manhunt continued over the next two days -- as people across the country searched for the two armed and dangerous men.

Finally on Thursday afternoon, Robert Hickerson called 911 after the pair broke into his Bedford County home.

"We were all tied up, we just got lose," said Hickerson.

In the 911 recording, Hickerson says the pair stole his black Cherokee Trailblazer and left.

Bedford County Sheriff Austin Swing told our Atlanta station the men led authorities on a 10-mile chase down the interstate before they crashed the car and ran toward Patrick Hale's house.

"I saw two white males cross a barbed wire fence 300 yards from my backdoor," said Hale.

Hale says he loaded every gun in his house and "prayed like he never had before."

"I realized I had two ex-cons wanted for murder who just shot at law enforcement and had nothing to lose… and for some reason they decided to surrender and laid down on their stomachs on my concrete driveway," says Hale.

Hale called it a sign of faith.

Within three minutes, 45 police officers arrived and arrested the two men.

"I had a weapon on me but I never had to draw the weapon," says Hale.

Hale said it could've turned out much differently.