Conflict between Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful and the Cherry Blossom Festival continued Tuesday as both groups met with Bibb County Commissioners.

Both groups are nonprofits that have worked together for years to keep the county pink and pretty.

But two weeks ago the festival asked Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful to move out of their headquarters, The Pink House.

Mayor Pro-Tem Bert Bivins called a special meeting with both groups because he says he wants to help heal the relationship.

Commissioner Virgil Watkins wanted to know what caused the festival board to ask its longtime partners to move out.

Festival chairman, Don Bailey, cited documents from Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful’s October 19th meeting.

“Our finance person is being accused of multiple issues in that public document that was issued, and that’s still one of our employees so in the public eye and in the business community that's donating money. We have to make sure that’s something that does not impact us,” says Bailey.

Those same documents show that Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful asked four members of their board to resign due to alleged ethics violations. Three of those four are also Cherry Blossom board members.

We asked the Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful President, Pam Carswell, if she still planned to push their resignation.

“I don’t have any. No, I don’t have any desire to,” says Carswell.

Several commissioners said they were concerned that this conflict could hurt the county.
“Either commit to moving forward and coming off the playground fighting or we have to take some kind of action,” says Bibb Commissioner Elaine Lucas.

Both Carswell and Bailey say they are willing to move forward.