A worker leveling some property Wednesday in Hawkinsville stumbled across some human remains.

Pulaski County Sheriff Danny Brannen said it happened just as storms were blowing through the area in the area known as Hartford on Lower Church Road.

The sheriff' said they believe the remains, two human jaw bones with teeth and other bones, are likely from 1800's-era graves.

Before leveling of the property started the previous week, Brannen said the owner of the land had it surveyed and one grave from 1856 was identified. That grave was moved, Brannen said adding that the commercial property was being cleared by the owner to prepare it for sale.

The contractor proceeded to work and came across more remains Wednesday. He called the sheriff's office. Brannen was shocked by the call he received from his deputy.

"He said, 'sheriff, I found a human jaw bone and it still has teeth in it,'" Brannen said.

The sheriff sought assistance from the GBI, the district attorney's office, and the coroner.

The bones were examined and it was determined that the remains were old, although just how old has not yet been determined.

Brannen said District Attorney Tim Vaughn advised that the remains should be removed by Coroner Fred Clark for Clark to "dispose of properly."

Vaughn advised that work could continue on the property, but if workers find any remains, they're to immediately stop working and call authorities.

The remains, including the grave that was identified by surveyors before work began, were not in coffins, Brannen said. "If it's 1800's, a lot of them didn't use coffins," the sheriff's added. "I don't understand why they (graves) were not better marked."

Brannen, who said he's somewhat familiar with the property's history, said he spoke to a man who recalled being in the location of the grave that was found in 1952. During that time, the man told Brannen that he recalled seeing other graves on the property back then.