It was a simple traffic stop at 1200 South Seventh Street for Cordele Police Officer Brian Lewis, until the vehicle's driver did something unexpected.

Instead of putting his car in park and pulling out his license and registration, Quotavius "Tip" Cochran grabbed his gun and started shooting.

Cochran fled the scene on foot after firing multiple rounds. Cordele Police Chief Rob Rodriguez called the attack pre-planned.

"I think the best description is just a premeditated act of violence against the officer," said Rodriguez.

The chief added that one bullet struck Lewis' car's frame near the driver-side door.

Lewis escaped the incident uninjured and he's now taking a few days off his regular shift.

Rodriguez said it's part of the recovery process.

"You still need time to process that and just understand everything's going to be OK. You survived, you did what you were supposed to," said Rodriguez.

Lewis will return to his shift in the next few days, but Rodriguez says the whole ordeal shows what police officers face all the time.

"Every day, we walk out of our homes to come to work, we know in the back of our minds that that could be the last time we ever cross that threshold again."

Everyone was OK this time, but Cochran is still at large. Rodriguez says the department is chasing down all leads and conducting "basic one-on-one police work" to track them down.

A $10,000 reward has been posted for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Cochran. Anyone with information is asked to call Cordele Police Department Lt. Carrie Lull at 229-276-2921.

At least for now, the search continues.