An incident report from the Fort Valley Police Department gives a little more insight into what might have prompted a brawl between several people at McDonald's on Wednesday.

An officer was dispatched to the North Camellia Boulevard restaurant at about 2:45 a.m. in reference to a fight, according to the report released Thursday.

Two men were arrested and charged in the brawl - characterized by police as 'mutual combat' - and charged with affray-fighting and disorderly conduct.

The reporting officer arrived to find two men fighting in the drive-thru. As he exited his vehicle and approached the combatants, one of the men, later identified a Damario Knolton, 24, ran away, the report states.

The officer caught Knolton and placed him in handcuffs. The officer identified the other man as James Hampton, 38. Hampton told the officer that Knolton jumped on his wife.

His wife, Erica Hampton, 37, was sitting on the pavement as other officers and Peach County deputies arrived on the scene, the report states.

The reporting officer said he placed Knolton in the back of a police car and asked him what happened.

Knolton told the officer he was in the drive thru when he started getting ill because he was just drinking at a night club, the report states. Knolton said he got out of the car to get some air when the Hamptons started blowing their horn at him telling him to get out of the way because they needed to get their food, the report states.

Knolton said the Hamptons then called him and the occupants of the car he was in "niggers" the report states.

Hampton got out of the vehicle and the men started fighting. When Erica Hampton approached the men, women in Knolton's car jumped on her, the report states.