The Georgia National Fair starts on Thursday, and this year they are raising the bar by bringing in the largest traveling Ferris wheel in the U.S.

Putting together the largest traveling Ferris wheel is a task Rydan Robinson says takes a lot of time.

“We take the pieces off of the trailers and we build it like a big puzzle. Piece by piece we put it together,” said Robinson.

Robinson is one of 16 workers who will work for the next four days to build the 400,000-pound ride.

“The crane picks it up. It has hooks. It hooks up into the places it needs to go. Picks it up safely and it moves everything, and we put it down. We’ve got pins that holds everything together, so we put it in place slide it in place put the pin in it and it’s good to go,” said Robinson.

Michael Wood says that labor adds up to about 800 man hours.

“We can accommodate 1,200 guests per hour, so the lines will be short,” said Wood.

Wood says 216 people can sit on the 155-foot ride at one time.

“The human eye can see about 15 miles, so whatever landmarks are around here within 15 miles they should be able to see,” said Wood.

Wood says the fact that the gondolas are closed in will really give people a unique experience.

“As we load during the cycle, we sometimes are placing strangers together and ten minutes later they sometimes end up being at least acquaintances and sometimes friendships are struck up,” said Wood.

The runs from October 5-15.