Crowds gathered Tuesday afternoon to save some money at the pump and get in on 99 cent gas.

Excited customers gathered at Z Fuels on Hartley Bridge Road for the 4th of July with cars spilling out onto the streets.

It was all to get gas for 99 cents a gallon for those paying in cash.

But even for those paying with a card, it was just $1.09.

"What'd you see when you first got here? Chaos. Try to get in and out. Get me a tank of gas, take advantage of it and be happy,” said Curtis Howard.

The owner of the gas station says people started lining up as early as 12:30 p.m. Tuesday. He had to start selling the discounted gas a few minutes early just to relieve the traffic.

"We got here about 2 o'clock. We waited until about 2:43 p.m. It got a little chaotic for a minute there but it seemed to calm down after the police showed up,” said Andrew Sanders.

Several deputies went out to the gas station to direct traffic coming in and out of the business. Many customers said they have not seen gas that cheap in a while.

"First thing I thought was thinking was it ain't been like this in a long time. I said I have got to get here,” said Peter McCrary.

Though almost all said they never expected to spend their holiday at the gas station.

"Did you ever think you'd be here at the gas station on the 4th of July? No I didn't. I need to cut grass at the house and I thought let me get these jugs and fill them up,” said McCrary.

"No I never thought I'd be doing this on my 4th of July. I'm supposed to be going to Sandy Beach,” said Roger Gibson Jr.

Some say after waiting all that time for the 99 cent gas they are keeping it all to themselves.

"Filled up my truck and my jugs and got all my other jugs filled. Tell my neighbor don't ask for none of my gas,” said McCrary.