Cars of all models, years and colors rolled into the parking lot of Coliseum Health on Saturday as part of the Classic Cruisin’ car show.

People walked through the parking lot as drivers showed off their cars.

Tim Stewart owns a 1954 Chevy pickup and says it serves as a blast from the past.

“You take 25 years off of your life immediately, because you go back to whenever you were younger, and that's basically what a lot of us with these old vehicles do,” said Stewart. “We just enjoy bringing them out and showing the people and doing it for a good cause.”

That cause? National Prostate Health month.

Dr. John McGill, a urologist at Coliseum, says about 1 in 6 men will get diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

He says this event is beneficial in that it brings a new kind of comfort level to getting screened.

“I know we've all got brothers, and cousins, and fathers who sometimes it can be difficult to drag them out…so this is an opportunity for them to get that information and have it not be so intimidating as going to an office might be,” said McGill.

If you missed the event and are interested in getting a blood test for prostate cancer, McGill says it's as simple as calling your primary care doctor.