If you hate yard work or loathe firing up a chainsaw, you may want to invest in the Cud Crew.

Mark Vanderhoek is a modern day sheep herder of sorts, he has sheep that he rents out to clear land.

"You can be having the worst day in the world and you come out and your sheep talk to you a little bit and it's all better after that," he said.

Marc and Julie Prevette saw the sheep on social media and figured what could it hurt to bring in a herd to do a little heavy chewing.

"At first it was like, 'Are they really doing anything?' and then the next day, it was like, 'Wow, they really did clear our an area,' Marc said.

Call the "Baaa" a belch of appreciation, these guys love to dine on stuff that we humans don't dare touch.

"They love kudzu, and the other thing I think is really good for homeowners is they love poison ivy. The first thing they do is poison ivy"

"Nobody likes to put their hands or feet or whatever in poison ivy or potentially a snake," Julie said.


The animals aren't sheepish about chewing through about eight pounds of underbrush a day and as for their distinctive vocal cords. Well, they don't talk too often.

"They kind of greet you with some of their noisiness in the morning," Julie said. "But they're not loud in general, and that's an advantage, too, because when you hire a crew of people to clear our land there is always machinery and noises and all you get here what you hear is not all that much."

And let's face it, having goats in the yard is cool for kids and adults.

"And the bonus is you feed them and they provide you with fertilizer which is a bonus," Julie said with a smile.

Mark says the minimum to bring out the goats is $300.

He will set up a fence on your property and then move that along as the sheep clear an area.